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Anthony Halpin
Assisting men experiencing dificulties in their lives.

"As we gaze into life, what we see and what is reality, maybe very different."

This site is also dedicated to sharing my loves, my blessings, my gifts, my gratitudes, my experiences, and my hearts passion to assist in the upliftment of humanity wherever possible, believing in the right for all to receive love and to give love. 

Everyone is born to be happy, to be free and to reach their full potential so they may come to experience the great soul they really are and to fulfil the journey they have come here to experience, free from interference, suppression or controls.

 My Three Treasures

In Brief:

Easter 1980 I was given a profound experience taking me to a place beyond the physical world,  a place where everything is suspended in stillness and silence, where everything is witnessed, where everything  is understood.  It was a coming home experience which I was determined never to lose.

As time went by I re visited this place as a daily routine, diving into this inner ocean of great peace and love, of strength and clarity of mind. Then the tests began and the choices presented themselves. I could have this new experience as a permanent state or I could carry on in my outer world. Unfortunately I wanted both. It was as though someone had other ideas for this slow learner who wanted everything. Suddenly I witnessed my outer world being turned upside down, things dear to me were taken, yet nothing moved me from this place of inner stillness and calm. New opportunities continued to unfold and present themselves as great gifts as long as I stayed on track. The moment I wavered, the reaction was swift. Being a slow learner this was a common occurrence which I had to be mindful of and constantly monitor.

In 2000 I was instructed to sit, write what was given and share with whomever wished to listen.  The 'My Life Matters' program was the result which was shared in many venues, where many lives were turn around as a result of individual self-effort and desire to change their situation and come to know their true nature. The program explains what our inner-selves already know, it is simply a brief sharing, providing the expanded awareness and the tools to bring about a life of inner contentment and the understanding that, within every 'human heart' is the capacity to experience extra-ordinary levels of love, contentment and stability These gifts know no boundaries and are present within everyone, regardless of our awareness of  them or our life's circumstances.

We do not have to give up or change anything in our live no matter how off beam they may seem. When we give ourselves permission to enter into and cultivate our inner gifts, to enter into silent contentment and experience the great energy of love within, everything that we wish to give up or change, gives us up and changes as a result. 

Every day we sit at the keyboards of our own lives entering every future moment. Every thought we have and every action we take is as a result of what is presently stored in the layers of our deep subconscious memories. These memories are the accumulation of what we have been exposed to since conception. 

The origin of our thoughts and actions stem from within the centre of intelligence which lays within the centre of every human heart. These thoughts and actions have to pass through our accumulated subconscious memories and scars, whatever they may be, before presenting themselves on the screen of our minds as perception or enacted into creative reality. It is these individual memories and scars that prevent us from experiencing the full power of love which contains all the virtues of life and the oneness with all humanity and that herein this divine classroom of life.