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Anthony Halpin
Assisting men experiencing dificulties in their lives.

"As we gaze into life, what we see and what is reality, maybe very different."
Welcome to my site, focused on assisting men experiencing difficulties in their lives

Factors within men’s control are; the decisions we make or situations we create as a result of what we hear, what we think, what we have learned and understood, what we say and how we say it and what we actually do.

These factors are influenced and dictated by our ability to fully function on all levels, to include our ability to comprehend information, materialise our ideas and create into reality a great life as intended by design.

Our ability is directly affected by what we physically and subtly ingest via any of our five principal senses, to include, liquid and solid foods, medications, alcohol, recreation drugs etc, or vision, sound, frequencies, radiations and information, for if they contain toxic foreign compounds of any form, or disturbing psychic content or false information or install psychic conditioning, our brains capacity to perform as intended, is greatly diminished. 

This diminished capacity unfolds an environment of inner frustration, struggle, turmoil and a deep sense of inadequacy and volatility as we inherently know we can do better, that there are no limitations on what we can really achieve, yet we are unable to do so, something is missing, we may sense its presence but it is just out of reach. 

Many may experience being a prisoner in their own bodies and in order to break free of this bondage turn to addictive substances such as alcohol, drugs and psych medications or become codependent on the very system they hold responsible for their inability to function and achieve. These substances are invariably present in the causation of violent behaviour, which in themselves have no preference to gender as violence stems from the turbulent history of an individual of either gender. Sadly, there is an ever increasing number that end their lives in order to escape overwhelming painful situations to find lasting freedom and peace. 

If you are experiencing violent tendencies or overwhelmed by your present circumstances (depression) or contemplating what you consider to be the ultimate escape of taking your life, then  please visit this site. 

Factors outside men's control are; the environment in which they born into, loving or unloving, peaceful or chaotic, inspiring or regressive, spiritual or materialistic. Every environment molds the child's future in one direction or another, every sound spoken, every vision seen, every action witnessed and every particle of food digested, all are recorder in the layers of subconscious memories and over one billion cells, only to be played out as our lives. 

Other factors outside the majority of men's control are; the policies of all levels of Governments, the curriculum of education, the influence and subtle conditioning and control of their very nature by all levels of media. The Mantra of many corporations is, "Give us a child at the age of three and we will control every aspect of the rest of its life".   

Perhaps the the most cynical and criminal act imposed upon men is, the planed introduction of estrogen mimicking chemicals to feminise them.   Click here to read all about it. 

Governments, whilst they may mean well, they have in more recent years become increasing more invasive and dictatorial as to ones freedom of choice of one's own life expressions and development. Vested interests have become interwoven and influential in government policies and directions for personal gain or philosophical agendas. 

This is visible by the mandatory this and the mandatory that, which has expanded rapidly in recent years, forcing and conditioning individuals to become subservient to such policies, without question.
Each day we sit at the keyboards of our own lives and create into reality our very own future.

No matter how far  down the rabbit hole we have slipped,
we still have the inner capacity to change our situation.

This in itself is well worth sitting and contemplating for a moment.

In the year 2000 a compelling force requested that, what had been given must be shared.
After much stillness and contemplation, the MyLifeMatters ten modules evolved, halls were hired 
where many came with open hearts to sit with themselves and experience  their own inner nature and witness extraordinary transformations in their lives unfold as a result of their own creation.

Please feel free to visit MyLifeMatters.

In today's world, many men have subtly become separated from that person whom they once dreamed of becoming. Their journey may have become somewhat derailed due to a number of factors, some within their control and others outside their control.
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